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Biodiversity of the Leningrad Region (Algae. Fungi. Lichens. Bryophytes. Invertebrates. Fishes and Pisciformes). Coll. pap. / Eds. N. B. Balashova, . . Zavarzin. St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg University Press, 1999. 432 p. (Transactions of St.Petersburg Naturalists Society, Ser.6, Vol.2.)
The book summarizes data on the diversity of algae, fungi (macromycetes and selected micromycetes), lichens, bryophytes, invertebrates (selected groups), and fishes in the Leningrad region. This volume may serve as a source of information for futher research into biodiversity of the region. It contains a review of the history of studies in the region, annotated species lists, as well as references to published data.
The publication was prepared within the international project on the Red Data Book of the Baltic region and funded by a grant from the Swedish Threatened Species Unit of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to the Baltic Fund for Nature of SPNS

Problems of biodiversity conservation in the Pskov Region. Coll. pap. / Eds. S. . Fetisov, G. Ju. Konechnaya. St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg University Press, 1998. 136p. (Transactions of St.Petersburg Naturalists Society, Ser.6, Vol.1).
The volume deals with the results of the latest botanical and zoological research into the Pskov region biodiversity. Articles contain new data on the flora and fauna in a number of protected areas, and on the current status of some endangered species listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. They present materials describing the species composition and distribution of most varied taxonomic groups: fungi, lichens, vascular plants, invertebrates and terrestrial vertebrates. Methodology of integrating natural, historical and cultural objects, and of the integrated assessment of biodiversity in protected areas is considered. Light is thrown upon the current situation with rare species protection.
The volume was prepared for publication by the BFN Pskov Field Group.

Biodiversity and rare species of the Sebezhsky National Park "". Coll. pap. / Eds. S. . Fetisov, G. Ju. Konechnaya. St.Petersburg: St.Petersburg University Press, 2001. 280 p. (Transactions of St.Petersburg Naturalists Society, Ser.6, Vol.1).


International environmental legislation in the Baltic region. Comments on conventions. St.Petersburg. 1999
Idea and publishing: Baltic Fund for Nature of SPNS. / Eds.: R. A. Sagitov, A. A. Zavarzin, S. Ju. Anatsky.
(translation from the original English version was made with kind permission from WWF Baltic Bulletin).

The Nature of the Pskov Land journal, founded in 1998.
The journal publishes scientific articles on the issues of botany, zoology, paleontology, geology, and geography focusing on the Pskov region and adjacent areas: Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver and Smolensk regions of Russia, as well as Belorussia, Latvia and Estonia. It gives space both to papers representing results of original research, reviews and theoretical papers, debates, criticism of scientific monographs and articles, reference materials, references to recent publications, announcements and ads.
Editors: S. A. Fetisov, A. V. Bardin.


Naturewatch Baltic educational projec series: issues for schoolchildren and their teachers


I. P. Ryzhova. Girl, Seal and Big Lake... St.Petersburg: Christmas+, 2000. 64 p.
A story for children about the history and nature of Lake Ladoga.

. V. Poloskin, V. . Haitov. Freshwater invertebrates - Field Guide. St.Petersburg, 2000. 12 p.
Illustrated Field Guide to the most common freshwater invertebrates in the Northwest Russia.

. . Zavarzin , D. . Himelbrant, N. . Alexeeva. Lichens. St.Petersburg, 2000. 146 p.
Illustrated field guide to the most common fruticous and folious lichens in the Baltic region The book contains brief information about the nature, structure, biology, distribution, use of lichens.


 A.V. Grishankov, A.B. Stepanova. Freshwater zooplancton of the North-west Russia. St.Petersburg, 2002. - 36 p.





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