Baltic Fund for Nature (BFN) was established in 1995 as a structural unit of St. Petersburg Naturalists Society. The name of the organisation reflects its interests that are in the field of biodiversity preservation in the Russian part of the Baltic Sea basin. Organisation of BFN was called for by the necessity to develop research and applied projects, as well as educational and awareness programmes concerning the protection of nature and natural resources, by the demand for co-ordination of the activities of environmental NGOs working in the Baltic Sea regions of Russian Federation. In a course of implementing activities and establishing partnerships with such organisations as Karelian Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Association of Zapovedniks and National Parks of North-west Russia, BFN of SPNS has spread it’s work to the other regions and republics of North-west Russia. Nowadays Baltic Fund for Nature is working actively to support environmental networks in North-west Russia, promote international cooperation in the sphere of biodiversity and ecosystem protection in the Baltic region and whole of North-west. Since 2000 BFN as a part of SPNS became the first regional member of IUCN (World Conservation Union).    

Our major objectives:

Supporting and implementing research projects to study and preserve biological diversity, endangered species and valuable biotopes in North-west Russia;

Promoting practical application of the scientific results and involving Russian experts, young scientists and specialists in the implementation of international environmental projects and programmes in North-west Russia;

Supporting and promoting sustainable economic practices and especially nature friendly agriculture in North-west Russia;

Promoting the development of the Protected Areas network in the Northwest Russia;

Promoting environmental education and awareness and especially ecotourism in the region;

Setting up of a functional network of regional environmental NGOs;

Collaboration with state structures and municipalities, namely exchanging environmental information, providing advisory support, assisting development of strategies and action plans for biological diversity conservation, carrying out research and other environmental activities;

Assisting in obtaining ecological information on North-west Russia for publications of IUCN, HELCOM, WWF, EUCC and other organisations collaborating with SPNS.

Dr. Roustam A. Sagitov,
Director of the BFN of SPNS,
Vice-President of SPNS.


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